When I'm With You, I'm Ok Testo

Testo When I'm With You, I'm Ok

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Wow I'm so out of it now, I've lost my way somehow,
When did everything get so weird?
I can't function I'm so dense,
My mouth's stopped making sense,
I may be a basket case but at least I've got friends.
Cuz when I am with you,
Nothing is uncool,
And it's all complete from here.
When I'm with you I'm OK,
My skies are blue everyday.
I'm a reject in this town,
My ears ache from that sound,
When did reality get so loud?
I just sleepwalk every street,
Scared of everyone I meet,
How I've survived this long is a mystery to me.
But when I am with you, My needle hits groove,
and a song rings out so clear.
Just hear this song ring out so clear,
I know there's nothing left to fear,
Now when I'm with you somehow I know there's nothing I can't do.
Spent a long time with a pillow 'round my head,
Took so much time just to get me out of bed.
When I am with you, My needle hits groove,
And it's all complete from here,
as the song rings out so clear
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