The Rite Time Testo

Testo The Rite Time

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I'm talking aloud
I'm here to be found
Are you proud of who you are
I'm makin mistakes but i'm tryin hard

If we all stand up when the going's get rough
and baby we could hold out for better things
we all can be the one who'd shine on
everybody noes

that this is the right time to say good bye
i've change my mind girl
u'll neva gonna stop me
ur love isnt strong enuff for me to
hold on to...

I'm caught in the crowd
i'm stuck in the ground
But i just keep moving around
I could turn something bad into something good

if we all stand up...

Chorus 2x

So u think that a compromise
could help u build a better life
the information u've been receiving
Its confused and true and not only that
It can makes u feel used, makes u feel trapped
Don't ever we never cuz living in dreams can hold you back
U'd better believe, we're nothing like that

We all can be the one,
who'd shine on
everybody noes

Chorus 4x to fade

PS: this song is great
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