Delta Force Testo

Testo Delta Force

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
[Ced Gee:]
Okay! I know some of y'all say whassup
I thought Ced Gee, was just a backup
Backup rappin on hyped up records
With Kool Keith, kickin out his messages
While Ced play the back spot
I'll be damned, you're wrong, cause here's what I got
Rhymes that flow, take control, rock the show
With def intro-
-ductions, and please no interruptions
Cause if you do, I'm a start dustin
You off boy, with metaphor and twisters
Knockin you out, just like Sonny Lister's
Left hand jab, takin a stab, punchin the bag
Yeah, my vision's in focus
I spray germs, I'm killin off locusts
Bugs, flyin in my mic
Pass to Ray then watch MC's fight and die
It was a waste for you to battle
I strapped you up, and hung you like a saddle
Ha ha, no mistaken not ever
But clever, and I'm better
I'm Ced Gee!

"Delta Force" [x6]

[Ced Gee:]
Rockin assassin, my mic is taxin
All the whack MC's I keep smackin
Time and time again, with my lyrics
Up in they brains, so they can hear 'em
Rock them, mock them, drop them
And totally stop them
Rappin, cause every day this happens
I transform, and then I start waxin
Ducks, with rhymes like a tractor
Rollin rough, damagin contractors
Actors, who fake on the mic
Grab a pen, and learn how to write
Cause you're a pigeon, your rhymes'll burst
And when you drop 'em, it wasn't even worth it
Damn~! Why don't you understand
Your rhymes can't, and mines can
Make ya, break ya, take ya
Fool ya, leave ya
Ache your head, put it to bed
That's what I said, and I mean this
I'm Ced Gee, you're not the fiendish
Intellect that I select
I'm Ced Gee!

"Delta Force" [x6]

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