You Got To Feel It Testo

Testo You Got To Feel It

[sample scratched x4: "You've got to feel it"]

[Ronnie T]
Yo! Yo party peoples in the place to be
I'd like to introduce myself, I'm original MC Ronnie T
Chillin with us, the Ultramagnetic MC's
And right about now, we're definitely feelin it
HOW? It goes somethin... like... THIS!! THIS..

[Kool Keith]
Connectin a word, to express definition
Defined by wisdom, accordingly
I'll aim to burn, as others learn
The basic steps - like a child to me
You're just a newborn
Trying to rhyme like me...
But you wannabe, such a replica
All copycats, new jacks, your butt I'll wax
Cause I'm telling you
Like the rhymes you bought, I'm selling you
For a million bucks, you bought 'em
But another sucker duck I just fought him
Like a stool pigeon, tryin to be the wizard
Kool Keith!

[Ced Gee]
Now you're a parasite, a known pesticide
Filthy, and very dirty to me
And I agree ha, indubi-bib-ly
Biologically, that you're irrelevant
Unintelligent, a fool to exist
Stupidity, behind your brain cells
Cause you're a roach, and I'm your DeCon
Evaporating, dissolve and eating germs
This is my turn, you must burn, cause I'm speaking
Connecting every word, so smoothly
Calm as I teach, so have a seat
Don't cheat, or else you'll regret
your PUNISHMENT, and I will excel
with momentum, which is parallel
to the words, of, Ultramagnetic

[Kool Keith]
And that goes down to Boogie Down Productions
South Bronx, Ultramagnetic, Greg Nice

[Ced Gee]
The human style machine, DJ Moe Love, chillin of course
And of course my man, Kool DJ Red Alert, Chuck Chillout

[Kool Keith]
And the original Ronnie T
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