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Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
it seems to be so obvious
that you know what I don't
take me through this emptiness
where you can build a home
bleach the imperfections
plating them in gold
make that big connection
filling in the mold
where would we be without you
to show us what to see
such a great example of
what it ought to be
free indeed
we know you are
free in deep
you can't hide the scar
so it has to be this way
shows exactly who you are
thought you'd make it
thought you'd take it
on your way
look around sometime
suffer me
suffer me
it has to be
what a waste of time
is leaving me
so it has to be this way
shows exactly who you are
given away
pushing the gray to start
told it has to be this way
so it has to be this way
so what
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