Wolf & Fear Testo

Testo Wolf & Fear

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Snacket blandt Folck vaer til Bestandighed
Om Fuldmaanens Vee & Grue

Naar det klagede op mod hendes Skiaer
Fra Vintrens kolde Eensomhed
Da frycktede de at Vargen vaer n¦r
Vakt vaer dends gamle Mayestet

Der vaer Dègn da nogen meenede at hafve seet
I hendes Lius, som han splidder med dend
Skygge som han spreer,
Skyggen aff een ukiend Mackt
Der dend hylede mod sin Gud i infernaldsk Prackt

Dende Diefvels Herold, han herjede
Fra Kandt til Kandt, & mange aff Mande¦t forsvandt
Paa dend hun lyser, han binder; oc Helveds Ulv,
Han dr¦ber, medens Afgrunden brager
Forbandelsen er her visseligen

Aff Diefvlen han bleff ski¦nked een Gave
Der ved Troldom favned han til Ulv
Ey vaer han l¦nger een Guds Slave
Der ved Midnat vandred ofver hule Grave

Amongst men words went
Of the Full Moone's woe.

When a dirge did rise to Her skylit eye
From the lone winter's colde
They fear'd that the wolf was nigh
Awakened its Majestie of olde

Nights did pass when men claim'd the saw
In Her light that he splits
with the shadow he casts
The shadow of a force unknown
Howling at its God in splendoure infernall

This Devil's Herolde, he hunted the land
And many a man disappear'd
Where She shines, he binds; the Wolf of Hell
He kills o'ver the rumbling Abyss

The Curse is certayne

The Beast below bestowed on him a gift
And by Magick he to wolf was bound
No more was he a slave to God
At midnight treading on hollow grave
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