D & P Blues Testo

Testo D & P Blues

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I take to lovin like a fish takes to a lake
It's early in the morning and lord I'm still awake

I was born in the country he thinks I'm easy to rule
Well I was born in the country but I ain't nobody's fool

I got a man in KY and one in TN
And if I'm lucky they both think they got me

Momma says keep on lookin if there's something you can't find
I just want one man who can ease my troubled mind

Now I take to drinkin' like a bird takes to the sky
Get to feelin much better gonna srpout some wings and fly

I'm goin to the country to meet some friends of mine
Ain't no man in the country can beat that good moonshine.

Yodelodelayee. Yodelodelay hee tee!
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