Stacker Lee Testo

Testo Stacker Lee

Stacker Lee, he went to town, with a .44 in his hand
Looked around for Billy Lyons, says "Better take your stand,
All about my John B. Stetson hat".

Now Stacker Lee in a bar room, he calls up a glass of beer
Looks around, sees Billy Lyons, says "What are you doing here?"
Mr Stacker Lee, that bad man Stacker Lee

Billy Lyons says "Stacker Lee, please don't take my life
I've got half a dozen little children, one sweet loving wife"
Looking for my money on the next train

"Well, God bless your children, I'll take care of your wife
You stole my John B. Stetson hat, and I'm gonna take your life,
All about that milk white Stetson hat"

Billy Lyons says "Brother, great God, don't weep and cry"
Billy Lyons says "Mother, I'm bound to die
All about that John B. Stetson hat"

Now Stacker Lee's Mom, well she says "What have you done,
Murdered a man in the first degree, with a revolver gun
All about some broken Stetson hat"

Stacker Lee says "Judge, would you have a little pity on me?
I've got one grey haired mother dear, left to weep for me,
All about that broken Stetson hat"

Now Stacker Lee says "Jailor, jailor, I can't sleep
For Billy Lyons' ghost around my bedside does creep,
Looking for his John B. Stetson hat".
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