What We Believe/Change Of Pace Testo

Testo What We Believe/Change Of Pace

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
I would fucking die for this - Every word that I say - Means so much to me - This is something more Than being - Just drug free - Something I believe - And it's not about positivity - We believe I believe - In the dream - In this fight - In this I've seen the lies that the world fed me - I've looked hate in the eyes - I've felt you fall down Every second of every day - I'll move forward - Moving on - Growing up and giving in You get away now - But you're just giving in - To the things that pull you down - Every second of every day - I'll move forward - Moving on - Now we're down - Watch the days go on you - It's fucking over again - Now you're ready to give up - Where's your self respect - These are the days - We won't forget

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