Fast Lane Testo

Testo Fast Lane

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Seeing that car, for the very first time.
Imagining the places that he'll go.
Back seat home base, front seat drag race.
Every star that you can count.
Was just his minimum ammount.
Just a boy, but soon a man.
Got his first gearshift in his hand.
Head on his shoulders, and blood in his veins.
Trying to recocile these growing pains.

Burning up in the fast lane.

Every street is two way.
Every car brakes for this child at play.
This quit strip once so benign.
But now hes trapped beneath a power line.
Seeing that car, for the very last time.
Little lost child wrapped around a stop sign.
Once a boy, but now a man.
Holding his guts in with his hand.
Head through the windsheild.
Upholstery all stained.
A life thrown away was a life just the same.

This one burned up in the fast lane
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