Lies Within Testo

Testo Lies Within

Looking for a figure, loving a thing
Only one life to live, full of yourself
History of time and time again, just getting worst
Increase in numbers, longing to be...

Looking for guidance, without a clue
Dragging an existence, without a goal
Yearning of something, that can't be grasped
Seduce by forces, they can't foreseen

Lies within, no more lies to me!
Lies within!

No longer finding, the way to escape
Adoring a face, that came truly from the past
Finding is reality, a waste of all
Reaching out in anger, out of frustration

Lies within, no more lies to me!
Lies within!

[Solo & harmonies: C. Illianes]

Trying to set me free, from the lie within
Bringing back my past, at any cost
Getting out of the shell, within myself
Finding new resolution, without absolution
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