Catch Myself Catching Myself Testo

Testo Catch Myself Catching Myself

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
This time I am falling further away
Nothing has changed
Nothing has changed like I said it would
Faster towards the ground
That's where they wait where they wait for me
And enter my veins
Feel them crawling through my skin
Collecting my nerves
That they feed to their children
I swear it has to stop
Cause there is nothing left to give
Nothing left to give

I'll be the victor
I will destroy them

I wanna watch them burn it down
So I can breathe again

Inhale cause after tonight
I won't be the same
Exhale, Exhale and find my feet
On the ground

I'm not the same anymore
I'm not the same anymore

As I sink down into the floor
And the walls are caving in
And I don't believe in them anymore
Now I try to balance my walk
I am coming down alone
And I have to get them out of my head

I wanna watch them burn it down
So I can breathe again
I wanna watch them burn it down
So I can breathe again

One breath at a time I'll be just fine
Cause I'll be right on the inside
I steady my hands inside of my shell
And I wait till their backs are turned
Oh inside of my head
Where they thought they would win
But I got them right where I want them
Pushed to either side
I'm burning them alive
I hear them begging and pleading
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