His Good Looking Girlfriend Testo

Testo His Good Looking Girlfriend

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
He's never been more popular since he met Marie
He never went to parties and he's drinking wine for free
He says he doesn't know why he never stays at home

Doesn't he know ?
Doesn't he know ?
Everybody wants to know his good looking girlfriend
Everybody wants to know his good looking girlfriend

He's trying hard to act the part but it never works
They always see through him to her and she's the one that hurts
She hates all his friends and wonders why they're always near

Doesn't she know ?
Doesn't she know ?

Everybody ...

He loves Marie and he's happy at last
Happy to forget his unhappy past

He thinks he's got all those friends but really he's got none

Doesn't he know ...
Everybody wants
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