Smash Dub Testo

Testo Smash Dub

I remember way back yes when I was young
There was so much happening beneath that burning Sun
As a child so much seemed to be unclear to me
I never thought about facing this reality
But coming up in the world that we know today
Trying to separate your morals from society
Is a job in itself and I tell you now son
Don't bring a sword to a battle that is fought with a gun
Fought with a gun

I said you don't know what you got
Till its walking out that door
And now you're sitting around with nothing on your mind
But why you haven't seen me no more
What happened to the good times
I guess eventually
Those castles made of sand they crumbled into the sea
And all the things we took for granite
No, they got washed away
They got washed away now
Into the sea yeah
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