A Desert In The Heart Testo

Testo A Desert In The Heart

lost- he's surely lost now
when he tries to strip himself of a past
that keeps holding on
so many times before I've tried to let go
to peel off deception's mask
but hid my fears behind walls of sorrow
and like a cold, bitter chill one cannot shake
disillusionment sits by my side
(so in her I must confide)

she tells me dark secrets and grim tales of regrets
she tells me:

love is not lost, it dies like all thi ngs do
buried in the backyard where a lone dove cries

alone - no one to share her days with
she chokes on the stale dry air of memories
she chokes on the words she says to no one at night
and whispers her questions to the walls
and drifts to sleep
no one there to share her dreams

and oh how it hurts to see tears fall from her eyes

into the desert some are sent to starve
weary and weak they make their way home
and though our tired hearts will bear the scars
let us find who we are

buried in the night's shadows
I await the dawn of a new day
hold my hand, come with me
to the skies let us shout battle hymns
lust and love waging war to the very end
let us stomp on heavens below
let us not be afraid (for life wears a new face)

love is not lost, it dies like all things do
buried in the backyard where a lone dove cries
and waits for broken wings to heal...to fly again someday
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