Walk Away Testo

Testo Walk Away

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Tell me something poetic
to help me through the night
Suddenly your words sink in
how can we stop this fight

So keep your lips moving darling
I need somewhere to focus my eyes
You pierce right through me darling

And ill choose my words well
Because I know they'll cut right through
And I don't want to be cruel but
I know these words will cut right into you
I can't imagine your reaction of what I have to say
I need you to walk away
(this must be your unending love received by grace)

We might have been here one thousand years
But we've got alot to learn
I'm letting go of all of this
now baby it's your turn
i'm running from a wind a heat
bright shining like the sun
I'm letting go of all of this
I've done what must be done
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