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J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Verse 1:]
Round and round we go
It's always the same
It would never hurt nobody
To talk about it
The more complicated
The less we understand
Man I wish I could
See you tonight

We can't go on
Like this anymore
We fight all night
We cry til we can't no more

Don't stand there doing nothing
I know you got something to say
I spent my time looking at your eyes
And I still can't figure you out
When we cross I get so lost
My heart starts beatin
Cause I know that you are leavin
I am sure we will regret it
If we don't finally talk

[Verse 2:]
It feels like it's been forever
I try to start a conversation
But you say it just ain't the time, oh why
We will never find no rest
If we keep it in



[Verse 3:]
Baby we need to sit down and talk
Like we used to
Love was still young and beautiful
Nothing could set us apart
But ourselves

[Chorus x2]
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