The Game (We All Must Play) Testo

Testo The Game (We All Must Play)

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Just be conscious of the facts
Be aware, because we are all affected
Times have changed, everyone's scared
We've been made to feel decrepit,
weak, poor, tired, broken
Time to bring them down
No more unwilling contestants

I see the signs are all there
And the pawns in this game,
seem slightly aware of the role they
must play through this global affair
Are we living at the peak of mankind's best effort?
And the the truth lies in the the hands of the men
who have everything but, with nothing to lose
with nothing to lose
They're not part of the game that we play everyday

The revolving door of life
there's too many of us to compromise
We're losing our sense as they capitalize
on the game that they made, we all have to play
The game that they made, we don't have to play

Positions will shift and change
Control comes through misconception
Capable of so much more when we face the right direction
Time to set a common goal
Can we connect for communion?

Redefine our cosmic role
Should we come to a resolution?
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