The World Is Yours Testo

Testo The World Is Yours

Echoes ride, traps this crazy horse on
Through attack and suicide of horse
Only leaving chaos in his way now,
Got a sack with no remorse.

And I hear, yes, it’s screaming out in pain.

Full up to the grim ones satisfy you
Too much is never quite enough.
And it’s one for one, every man for himself.
It’d be fun when the world is yours to sell.

And all the bounds in the city,
And all the room no more,
There’s a reckoning call.
No shame and no pity
As far as I can see
Look what you’ve done
Take a look at what you’ve done.

Won’t let her up, every man for himself
You don’t give a damn, when the world is yours to sell.
The world is yours to sell.
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