This Is A London Song Testo

Testo This Is A London Song

English summer, pouring rain
Under the crown on a speeding train.
Don’t talk to strangers or meet their eye,
Suffer in silence may be define.

Just another day, now
And the race is on
Everyone in a hurry, this is a London song,
So long.

East or West end,
And way beyond.
The highest rollers and the vagabonds.
Culture’s car crash, stars collide,
And the taxi driver the world writes.

If you’re looking for a free ride
Well, you won’t find one.
Better bring your money,
This is a London song.

Guess it feels like home, like home, like home.

The mighty river like a great divide
Keeps spare the country from the other side.
Tower stretched up and touch the sky
In the city where the real of them try.

There’s a color full of dreams, now
Washed away by dawn
Don’t be down, honey,
This is a London song.

Don’t be down, honey, no.
Better bring your money.
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