American Shutdown Testo

Testo American Shutdown

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
There's a new wave sweeping America. It's a swelling of national pride.
Are you patriotic? Have you pasted the flag all over your luxury car?
Independent thinking is definitely sinking when opposition is pushed aside.

Fist first!
Into the future.
Head first!
Right from the past!
History is hollow when we must swallow everything they say.

Safety in numbers, unity is motion. Don't question the nation cause.
Dive into the new flagged America and watch your problems all dissolve.
You're either with us against us in the war on terror - can you feel your pride explode?
But when you want the reasons and ask for the truth, suddenly you are the enemy's toad!

So you eat the party line like another Quarter Pounder. Never questioned or given any thought.
In the wake of tragedy we never consider the consequences of what we have wrought.
With history ignored, policies abhorred, it's the same old American way
Where the xenophobic, self-righteous patriots tell me to jump with the lemmings I despise!
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