I See Grey Testo

Testo I See Grey

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Unbiased peers decide my fate. Said guilty all the way.
No one ever listened to what I had to say.
You never stopped to think-
Don't care who lives or dies.
Blinded by your own beliefs. Can't see through all the lies.

Accuse me of a violent crime and sentence me to die.
What gave you the right to take my life when I can't even try?

An eye for an eye does not apply when done in the name of Justice.
Who is to say mistakes can't be made, when they're made by the best of us?
Grey! Where nobody wins!

You don't have it in your heart to see past your own hate.
Your decision has been made and now it is too late.
Try to calm the public's fear, condemn a man to die.
No need to worry afterwards, out of sight means out of mind.

You try to justify this as the lesser of two sins.
There is no way to fix this now where everybody wins.

Last rites will not help me, your decision has been made.
Now I am an afterthought and everything turns grey.
A coward dies a thousand deaths. I've died a thousand times.
I don't really want to die for someone else's crimes.

Sitting here all by myself to helpless I could cry.
Who gave you the right to take my life when I can't even try?
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