Pity Animal Testo

Testo Pity Animal

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
A stray: A stray dog
A stray thought
A scrap for the hunger machine
A sign says
"Turn back Don't trust them here"
A symbol for dishonest men

Sleep in the streets
Run in the gutters
Head in your hands
Heart in your mother's mistakes

A way to forget them
And a fix to keep others at bay
Spare change but keep
All your sympathy
these days the kids
All have plenty to spare

Sleep in the streets
Run in the gutters
Head in you hands
Follow your father's footsteps

Sleep in the streets
Run in the gutters
Head in your hands
Blood in your country's teeth

To light cigarettes in boxcars
And play "Boat dreams..."
On broken guitars
To walk all night
With shoes full of blood
and fade in daytime
Movie theaters
To read that
"Life was a vast glowing empty page"
And we were free
we were free
to wake up
with a needle in you arm
And throw it all away
You threw it all away
to just become
Another dog off it's leash
Just a fucking pity animal

Sleeping in the streets
to just become another dirty word
Painted on a wall
Just a pity fucking animal
Sleeping in the Streets
Running in the gutters
Your head in you hands
But your face
Isn't on any milk cartons
run run run
Don't call me
From your nightmare
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