2nd Chapter Testo

Testo 2nd Chapter

You think we're done? (2x)

You think we're done? (You think we're done)
I think you're wrong. (I think you're wrong)
You think we're done,
But I know that chapter two has just begun.

It took me more than a while to understand,
That you can't just face the ground,
And walk, far away from everything.
Times changed,
But desire stayed the same.
Now and then, I screamed,
Why can't we get back again?

[Refrain 2x]
You think we're done?
I think you're wrong.
Chapter two has just begun.

Nightmares and restless nights.
Silence was hard to find.
How much longer could you stand this?

[Refrain 2x]

You think we're done?
You think we're done?
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