Black Finnegan Testo

Testo Black Finnegan

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
black finnegan—liar
black finnegan—something insensate
black finnegan—who walks slow tall and long in the dark room
black finnegan—whose words

commoving as the ocean
undress things

'you worse than senseless things,' you
black finnegan, who sleeps in back of the tavern…

dead man
stolen words
birds circle you
madman's devotion

black finnegan
stolen words
breathe in sin again
drunkard's potion

black finnegan—suit of salted words to the action
black finnegan—who let the drink undress the words
black finnegan—who sought the birds' motion to the words
black finnegan—and again and again and again…
who let the vultures undress me?