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Testo Scream Out

Inserito il 24 Giugno 2005
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Well all my life this music saved me
I can't afford your therapy
My frustration it needs release, cut me open and hear me bleed
Playing punk it keeps me sane
I don't need drugs to numb the pain
It keeps me alive, I hope it helps you
I won't let your worthless America ruin me

I'm screaming out, somebody listen,
It feels so good
This therapy!

I lost control and hurt myself
I knew deep down I needed some help
The self-abuse would not stop,
No matter how hard I tried
So I lied and I pulled my life together
Am I going insane?
Think again
I got so fed up with being unstable

I'm screaming out, somebody Listen,
It feels so good
This therapy!

I'm screaming out! [x7]
Get me some help!

Scarica la suoneria di Scream Out!
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