Story Of A Stamp Testo

Testo Story Of A Stamp

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Timmy died last night
a freak car accident
never saw the pole that he hit
had no premonition
but what's the saddest
is the note he left unsent
Briana dear I love you
oh this note it said
for two long years
Timmy had never found the words
just a blank stare at her face
when she would ask the question
and now for her
that message goes unheard
just a stamp between her
and the truth

The little things
sometimes they're worth so much more
than what they seem
sometimes they're all that matters

Briana cried all night
her one true love was dead
and while she thought
he loved her back
she'd never heard him say it
so later on she put a gun
against her head
blew her brains out
found a place where
Tim could love her there
found on the morning
after Tim was found it seemed
such a sad story of broken hearts
was never written
if only tim had stamped
and mailed his note you see
Briana could have lived another day
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