Outer Space Testo

Testo Outer Space

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
(Verse 1)
After evening fell we both had left this place
Me and her beneath the stars in outer space
Listen softly as the rain touched our face
Dripping water as the lights lit up this place

And then I walked her home alone
And now im sorry for what I said

Oh and then she fell away
And the memories start to fade
And all I have is you

(verse 2)
We talked for hours on the rooftop
Pretending shes there
It seemed so long ago
She left this quiet and intrusive
The hurt that she felt,
of tears and broken glass.

(Chorus 2)
Oh and then she fell away
And the memories fade away
And all I have is you
Oh and then she fell away
But the pain I felt would stay
With me
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