Swan Song Testo

Testo Swan Song

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Well the telephone rang but I missed the call
Cause I was to busy out trying to break the law
Only 19 but I knew it all
Two bad tattoos and an attitude problem

I seen the sun go down in the Westside
I've taken one or two home for a test drive
It ain't what I need it's about what I want
And I don't want to take it no more

This could be the end
I'm not holding on
I can't go on any longer
So listen close my friend
I may be moving on
Please just think of me now when I'm gone
Yeah This is the swan song

When the curtain falls at the concert hall
I'll be writing my number on the bathroom wall
For a good time call me anytime you want
But I may not listen 'cause I heard it all

This is a swan song
Come on sugar sugar do you wanna ride?
This is a swan song
(?) then I got the time
This is the swan song
I know I said it already but that was last night
And I don't wanna take it no more
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