Tell Me Why Testo

Testo Tell Me Why

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Hey Mr. God can you tell me what's
Wrong with my life and all of its confusions
Why did she leave me with nothing to show
Except for a shallow disillusion
'cause I can't seem to figure out
Why you feel this way
And I guess I'm to blame
If I told you that I didn't care about this place
Would you think of me the same
Could you please tell me why
Could you please tell me why
Could you please tell me why
Why I can't ever find the answer to something
I will never understand
Could you please tell me why
I sit back thinking that there once was a time
A time where everything was perfect
It seems the things we shared were so far behind
Behind but we're never getting closer
'cause I can feel your shadow hanging over me
And I'm just peering through the light
Now I realized you never really cared for me
Will I ever see
Could you please tell me why
Why I can't hold on to the person
That I tried so hard to find
Could you please tell me why
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