Contemplation Testo

Testo Contemplation

Caught my reflection the other day, but I was nowhere to be found
I was flying high the day before, but now I'm lying on the ground
And I'm trapped in confusion, looking for a solution
Things are great, while they last, but when they're gone I have to ask

Why must this pain hurt so bad?
Will it ever go away?
When will things be great again?
Why can't they be great today?

I looked up to the sky and the sun was in my eyes, but here comes the rain
I finally found the track and I don't want to look back, but here comes the
I feel like I've been doing things the way I should, but here comes the blame
I feel like I'm on top of things, I'm feeling pretty good, but here comes the

And it gets me thinking
And it leaves me sinking
Low low low
Into the ocean of contemplation
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