Wolf Parade Testo

Testo Wolf Parade

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Here come the wolves hunting for drifting black sheep. "if you don't kill tonight, i promise none of you will eat." hunger hurts and hunger claws at their hearts, and they already know the base of their guts is falling apart. this is a game of hunter prey on the hunted and no one's choosing sides. take shelter or take another one down. we're running for our lives. born fast. almost immediately. died slow and painfully. they lied when they said "this will be a quick and easy death." here come the wolves climbing hills to kill the only livestock left for miles. and the sheppard has called for his arms, but he was never protection anyone could count on. the fight continues in open fields. survival doesn't care about your next meal. they lied when they said "this will be a quick and easy death."

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