Desperation Testo

Testo Desperation

You never thought you'd be the one that they find on the ground.
When they scrape the bottom of the barrel, you are what they found.
His fear of death and starvation is what motivates this man,
when you're desperate you'll do almost anything you can.

Desperation is living here with me.
Desperation is smiling down on me.
Desperation, desperation, I have no freedom to be free.
Desperation please let me be.

Excuse me this time, but I've seen what you do.
You're shamed you're naked, humiliated too.
With no ego and no pride left, you wonder who you are.
You feel like you've been pushed into a corner
and it shouldn't go this far.


No, no, no, you know you know this man.
No, no, no, he'll do almost anything he can.

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