(Higher Than The) Venus Sun Testo

Testo (Higher Than The) Venus Sun

Tried to write a symphony
and played it on my tambourine
wish you'd be my dancing queen
but mr. clean goes in between

oh hell! shut down your force fields
like never before, I wish I were stronger

you're so high, high, higher than the venus sun
satisfying everyone
tender, so fine, yeah, staring down the satellites
she's happy to survive

tried to write a monologue
and blurred it in the microphone
you could be my savin' soul
and I could be your wonderwall

cynical, you're beautiful
in case you give me four more days
I will prove my point of view
and choices are for you to make

oh yeah! raise me up higher
time to start over, you make me feel stronger

you're soaring high, high, higher than the venus sun
keeping all the motors run
so great of you, yeah, you're holding up the stars at night
the stars I wish upon tonight

gazing at the sky
I'm asking questions when or why?
giving reasons that make me cry
if I were as high as you
I'd see the angels laughing too
to (the) sound of my tune

then I will see, how tears turn to laughter
then you will see, cause now I am stronger

now I feel, new, I'm higher than the kingdom come
satisfying everyone
so perfect so pure, yeah, I'm walking high on galaxies
knowing that you'd follow me

you're so high, yeah high, higher than the venus sun
higher than the venus sun
you're so high, high, yuh yuh
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