Battlefields Testo

Testo Battlefields

You've been running for miles now
through battlefields
and warzones

you've been taking up all our time
with fantasies of new worlds

all your life you've been running away
in your suit of pain; your armor

So let the bombs drop
listen to the sound they make
on their way down
Let the bombs hit
get caught in the crossfire
then you fade out
how long have you been running,
how long does it take to feel safe?
I wish I knew -

- why your spies cross frontlines
to die out in the cold
dig your hole just a little bit deeper
before you start to show
(your hopes, your fears, the ghost beneath your armor)

I always wanted to take you
I never wanted to say I'm sorry
now the truth can be spoken
and all the walls will come crashing to the ground
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