I Wanna Be Free Testo

Testo I Wanna Be Free

As I wake up everyday
With no new songs to play
Feeling like I ought to
Pack my bag and run
My imagination flies
To some other sunny skies
Where I felt so good
And everything was done

And my time was my own
And my heart felt so free

I don't mind a little rain
But it doesn't seem the same
When the clouds shut out
Your beauty from my eyes
There's a storm inside my head
And I know it doesn't lead
To a clearer day
When nobody will cry

I can't stand here alone
And I need to be free

So bring fire and bring steel
For you know the way I feel
Bring a silver horse
To carry me away
I'm no stranger, I'm a friend
And my pain will never end
Till the world will let us
Live our lives as one

And our time is our own
And our hearts can be free

I wanna be free ...
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