Love Or Nothing Testo

Testo Love Or Nothing

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
You gotta make up your mind
'Cause you're running out of time
You know it's your game
And the winner takes all
It's time for you to realise
There's gonna be no compromise
It's gotta be love or nothing at all

It's gotta be love or nothing at all

I've thought about a new beginning
But you know your heart's not in it
There's something inside
That ain't hearing my call
And each new misty morning
Brings a constant warning
It's gotta be love or nothing at all

It's gotta be love

You give me your love
Or nothing at all
You give me your love

It's no good climbing
In the back seat
In the name of love
Or tryin' to be somebody
That you know you're not
Sneakin' out the back door
At the dead of night
'Cause you're never gonna find out
What it's really like
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