Divided We Stand Testo

Testo Divided We Stand

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Our father, father please
Our minds are filled with hatred, we need a guide to follow
In this our we're running out of time,
Our end stands on our doorstep
A storm will come as we set sail, but we don't fear
(Don't ever fear)
Tonight this storm will clear up forever
This chapter is done, let's turn the page
The ink we used describes our age
We face this storm with honor, it's our time

Divided we stand, let's join our hands as one
No one will know us, we'll find ourselves a home
Face our plague with strenght of gold
Let's join our hands together,
Let's leave this blackened shore

Set sail for clearer waters, we'll find a new abode
Let's bild this world together,
Let's build our children's home
We'll raise our kids with knowledge, our story must be told
Our will is weakened by the storm but we press on as we ignore

Tonight this storm will clear up forever
Let's write a book of hope and faith,
The world we left was full of hate
We face this storm with honor for now it is our time
Face our plague with strenght of gold
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