Circe Testo

Testo Circe

I've watched you for so long
I must have you
Sirens have nothing on my song
My song is ageless and perfect
Angels envy my song
You must be strong
To resist this
I've seduced men you thought were myth
Gods have murdered mortals over me
They died with my name on their lips
My taste on their tongues
My love is the only one
You need

Come rest your earthly burdens on my breasts
You'll find them firm like virgin
Irresistible, like Goddess
My breasts are filled with Neptune's nectar
One sip and you'll be mine

Now sink into my sea soft skin where your fantasy begins
Don't fight, you'll never win
I know my hair is mesmerizing
It reflects the colours of sun's rising
And set
You'll never forget my wet
Come under, my kiss will keep you safe
What seem to you like minutes in my world are endless days
Ride my waves of pleasure
Forever ... and ever ... and ever ... and ever

Your human hands like magic to my coral strands
As our bodies melt into the sands of the ocean floor
I'm deep in your love ... into your love ... into your love
But wait,
My seduction, has now become a dangerous attraction
I can't breathe
I ... I can't breathe
I'm drowning in your love ... drowning ... drowning
Drowning in your love ... drowning ... drowning
I'm drowning in your love

Save me
I can't breathe
I ... I can't breathe

I got to save myself
I'm losing myself in your ... love
I'm pleading with the gods to save me
I've pleasured all of you so many times
One of you please save me!
I am ... drowning

Who? ... who?
Who are you?
And ... and why are you saving me?

He said:
I've loved you from afar with a child's heart and a man's longing
I know you better than you know yourself
Better than any man, myth ... or immortal
I've watched you seduce for centuries in the search for a creature who could please
Fire your desires
He could have never made you happy
You would have died in his world
Too cool ... too cold

I've waited for this moment to swim off into the current
With you

Don't be afraid
Your search is over, that's all you need to know
Swim with me
Up into the current
Swim with me
Love with me
Don't be afraid

Swim with me
... swim with me
Love with me
... love with me
Off into the current
... off in to the current
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