Croatia Breaks Testo

Testo Croatia Breaks

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
ilive a third world life
my people starve in poverty
its really nice to see a
band mean what they say
i know yer freedoms limited
ya seen how it is for me
few that come through isnt often
we just want to leave

the propagandas horrible
faciast president
he cleaned out the hospital
of cancer patients
he took the whole fifth floor
he's done it twice before
there isnt any law for him
dictator has us chained
(their systems rape!)
Croatia breaks!
Croatia breaks!

a matter of the factories
the workers dont get paid
for when we do its spoiled food
we share with family
for if we question authority
one day we dissapear, we just take the beans
and dream escape and heading west
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