Hobroken Dreams Testo

Testo Hobroken Dreams

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
brought up as peasants at the bottom of the hill hobroken's only view a mountaintop rubber plant the factory whistle blows twice every day smokestacks make the skies black so thick i could hardly see i ain't gonna waste away for the price of steady pay townsfolk look like zombies gotta break away got no welcome mats you leave no coming back wasn't the first to take the same old crap this town no one leaves this town no no one sleeps so uptight no one breathes this town ain't for me don't give me no lip cause i quit the hometown if that's all there is keep it for yourself i've had a lot of steady jobs i've had enough another day's too much gonna pack it up i'm city bound catch the five fifteen out going to the coast hobroken nightmare used to be a dream hobroken nightmare gotta break free

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