In And Out Testo

Testo In And Out

I'm down, downtown
I'm hangin around
I'm the stranger now
In a different town im missin a limb
I miss the in and out
My babe shes far away
Shes at the top of the world
I'm way down here, way down under
With the kangaroos
I need the in and out
I'm down, at the pleasurue chest
I'm usin' my mind to take me their
No landing pad for the astro plane
I got the in and out
Take off and run in and out
Take off and run yeah
Take off and run in and out
Take off the runway in and out
Were up, up in outer space
No over and under
Not any ground no weight up here
It's nice and dark
We have the in and out
Take off the run way (over in and out)
In and out in and out (over)In And Out
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