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Family is in a rut &
they're fat & they're foreign thugs
Chicago & new york,
the family is not of blood
Well maybe you forgot
the store was on a front
Y'all get a broken leg
and the cops they get a cut

Ya know too much your missing
The Don is never hung
A witness doesn't talk
The business'll never close
Family's in a rut
they'll kill ya for 40 bucks
It only comes for free
When yer born in the family

Ya can't get out of debt
Ya better go to the mob
Take ya for what ya got
Put a fish line round yer throat
Witnesses are missin'
Don is never hung
CIA paid off
The patsy doesn't talk

Mob Family
Mob Family
Mob Family

in a rut

Scarica la suoneria di Mob Family!
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