New Killer Testo

Testo New Killer

Quiet Knocks on the front door
delivery eat the liver
Pizzas for the stocking killer
Feed it to the head in the freezer
Ravaging inside the trash
they're all on speed
Place your bets the worms crawl in
My bodies in the grave
Shouting in my rooms no good
I won't be saved
take the hadcuffs off me now
I smoke in chains
No no no no no not again! [2x]
(skip one)
Not Again!
No no no no no not again
(skip one)
Deep sleep ain't what it used to be
Place yer guns onto the bar and keep me company
Eyes as black as frying pans and wilmas on T.V.
Billy Ruebens burns the blood don't move it stings
New Killer! New Killer! New Killers
yeah No no no no no not again! yes again
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