Roll Around Testo

Testo Roll Around

the UPS man just pulled up
he dropped a package on the steps
my ticket out is in that box
been waitin for a month
i tore it up and ripped it out
and slid on linoliem
unattachted but im attached
i roll around

its hot outside its dead inside
im out id rather melt
x-head is killing cats
smoked potatos on the couch

no ones left i got in common
time to check out
unattached but im attached
i roll around
(unattached but im attached i roll around)
no place to go and i dont know
i roll [2x]

ya i fuckin roll because
my lifes to fuckin short
those marathon good byes
one day will be for good
break out and leave this life behinds
my favorite fuckin song
unattached but im attached i roll around
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