Rubber Room Testo

Testo Rubber Room

Yer goin to the Rave
Yer goin to the Rave
Ya wanna get laid gonna paint yer face

Goin to the disco
Goin to the disco
Man with the camel toe dancin to the techno

Goin to the rockshow
Goin to the rockshow
There hose'n off the pigs the devils in the backrow.

I'm a little mental I'm a little mental
I'm a gonna pogo through the glass window
the fog machine and the extasy in your mouth.....

it aint sexy its just fuckin foul

Lobotomies and all the looniesCome on lets getem now
We gatta storm this mental ward, Walk with our heads held proud
Zombies don't and dead men walk, Standing all around
nobody feels they've got no pulse , we dance at the speed of sound
Get off your asses get off the mattress now

Go on back to the rubber room proud
ya gotta get back to the rubber room
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