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Testo U.s. Of Hate

Blue: "King Of The World" è il nuovo singolo, anticipa l'album "Colours"
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no phones in tokyo to call on london a famous dame in spain said canada's for cunts i cant go to mexico ive played that game a rose a rita jail and slurr, my tiss of thee always everybody loves to hate us americans yet you wanna be (a commie) a citizen good luck in italy good luck in ireland if i only had a brain i'd stay in amsterdam when ya got a scrape with other countrys youll be kissn ass agian kiss this kissn ass to americans suckn on the usa smoken crack in broken glass livin in the us hate i dont like disneyland cant stand uncle sam i dont believe in the klan i dont believe in a statue made in france

Scarica la suoneria di U.s. Of Hate!
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