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Testo Warstoryville

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Here lies the dead outlaws who lived one of the gang made a deal with pinkerton jesse told frank im goin out with a bang shot in the back as soon as he turned his head the midwest wranglers of eighteen seventy six show down in front of saloons with billy the kid we gotta go rob a train and were takin down all the bank will have money tonight sit by the fire tellin whiskey fibs sippin off a still in warstoryville flip the coin will ya live or will ya kill sippin off a still in warstoryville the glory in the storys of the west 50 men died last night in a bar room brawl a bordello wench got drunk and caused it all the indians had their way, war paint on there face a cowboy crawled and put the cheif away

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