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Testo Exhale

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Verse 1]
Droppin science in your ear like my name was Einstein
I been breaking down these barriers in this concubine
I'm trapped in the ice and there's no escape
I bet you'll regret everyday, that you got up in my face
With eye contacted and the domes will crack
Anywhere, anytime, on any world map
You jibber jabber, bullshit, flapper, wanna be rapper
Fake mini-me like who? Marshall Mathers

Walking the fine line, stomping in prime time
Stripping down your neck, now you're living the die time
Don't hold back, I don't take jack
My shit is tabu, like my sister's ass crack

[Verse 2]
Call the FBI to secure this operation
Ice is penetrating all across this damn nation
A diabolical philosophy, I'm breathing
Microphone phenon, you eating my semen
You got phobia, get off my sister's lobia
trailer park trash, get off my ball sac
coming through with the wickedness
Yo, I'm true to kicking this
Try to stop me, Hah don't be ridiculous


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