White Noise Testo

Testo White Noise

Psychos in riot gear march through my nightmares
i'm overexcited and underemployed
i'm gonna get even, don't give me no reason
i don't need a reason to be bored
don't make it no big deal, i just couldn't sit still
there wasn't no feeling behind your words
i'm taking my medicine, just wait till it kicks in
i don't need a reason, i'm just bored

it's never enough, it's never enough
it's just my luck, i could live forever
it's never enough, it's never too much
it's never enough, no, never ever...

white noise interrupts, and no reception is good enough
white noise, turn it up, i'm disconnected, i'm out of touch

now who can i blame for this time that i've wasted
there's no one around but i'm not alone
just look through the window, yeah it's looking through you
you stand on the edge of a paper cut
you talk and i listen, but something is missing
there wasn't no meaning behind your words
there's too much distortion, it's making me dizzy
addiction is easy when you're bored

it's never enough, it's never enough
it's never enough, no, it's never ever


i get lost in my head
in my head it's raining
all my friends want me dead
in my head it's raining

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